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The Aviva Community Trust Fund

Aviva Insurance Co. have a Community Trust Scheme that provides funding for various good causes and community projects around the
country. We have sent an application to the Trust in the £1k to £5k category to see if we can get a grant towards the cost of the automatic watering system that we wish to have installed. That was the easy bit!

There will be hundreds if not thousands of sports clubs and community projects after a slice of these funds. The way in which Aviva decide on who gets what, is to have the general public vote for various projects. The first two hundred projects that receive 1000 votes will receive an automatic grant.

The voting opens on the 24th.October and the day before we will be sent details of our application number which we will send out
to let people know which project to vote for.

Prior to that date it is necessary for anyone that wishes to vote, to visit the Aviva Community Trust website to register their interest in
This is what we are asking you to do.

Every person that registeres with the Trust can vote up to 10 times, therefore we need a minimum of 100 persons prepared to vote for our project.

Obviously we do not have a hundred members in the Club to vote,so we need you to ask a few friends/family if they would be prepared to vote for our project. 

If you are prepared to do this and spend a few minutes of your time to set things up, you will need to register with Aviva Community

This is very easy to do by following the steps below:

Access your web browser and type in
From home page select Register from green box in top right hand corner of screen.
Next screen appears. If you are not an aviva customer select Register now
Next screen appears. Complete the four boxes with your email address, a
password, first & last names & then press Finish button.
Next screen will ask you to check your email and click the link to activate your account.
Once  your account is activated you will be eligible to vote. You can submit up to ten votes from any one email address.
This whole process takes just a couple of minutes to set up.

Could you let Mike know if you are able to do this for the Club, you have 14 days in which to set up your registration. If every Club
member asked 3 relatives/friends to agree to do this we would exceed the minimum 1000 votes.

We will send out the Project code to everyone who wants to participate on Monday 23rd.October as soon as it is received from
Aviva in the hope that we can gain our 1000 votes.

Of course, this is a way for Aviva to build up their database of possible future customers that means that you might get some
unwanted email advertising from Aviva. You can unsubscribe from the site once the voting has closed.



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